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We serve home owners and small businesses across the country remotely with things like computer repair, training and support.  We also handle onsite work in Oregon, Washington, and Utah currently.  Please stay tuned as we expand into your area!

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We can send a technician by for a site walk to explore solutions that will fit perfectly in your budget and help to make your life easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your work?

Our goal is to get as much work into your budget as possible.  In order to do this, we charge by the minute (at wholesale rates) by the mile and parts and pieces out our cost. 

With full transparency, you can see what is being done on your project in real time, you can add tasks for us, or subtract work that you want to do, or provide input on the work as it is happening. 

This is revolutionary in the industry and saves our clients 40% to 60% on any project that we touch.  If you have the money to get the work done, there is no more efficient way of using your budget dollar to get as much done as possible.

Site walks are free for the first visit.  You control the size of the retainer that work are working on, giving you full control of the project and our engagement, as much as you want that is.

Do you bid work?

How are bids done?

Bidding work or getting quotes follows the same pattern whether it is for building a building or configuring a website.

First the contractor estimates the time, materials and transaction costs that a job will take.  They then multiply that total by 1.125.  This results in what is called the loaded cost.  That loaded cost is then "margined."  This is done by dividing the loaded cost by 1 minus the desired margin resulting in the margined price.  To that margined price is added 10% as a buffer.  This allows the project manager to track down the project owner for a change order for 1/10 the total job time.   Here is the formula:

Quoted Price = ((T&M*1.125)/1-margin)*1.1

Contractors get a feel for what their competition is doing and what margins they sit at over time.  They then know how to price their work in order to come in the middle of the pack.  By removing the load (or burden), margin, and buffer we save our clients anywhere between 40% to 60% depending on the margin variable.  In addition to that we approach our work differently in order to save further with job efficiency and correct talent engagement.

How much do you charge for a single consultation?

Site walks and first visits are free

We dispatch an estimator or project manager to your site in order to get a feel for the job.  We send you the paperwork to get the job started and you fund the project.